中国动画 未来有你|我校2020届毕业生获多所顶尖艺术学院青睐!

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Elizabeth integrated the Visual Arts program less than two years ago. Talented, she decided to choose other IB subjects instead, thinking she lacked of imagination to pursue art. She came back to her original interest one month after the beginning of the DP1 year and finally made up her mind studying IB HL Visual Arts. Since then, she has been one of the best art student, permanently challenging herself, getting out of her comfort zone, trying various media even though she wants to make a career in the animation major.

张婉婷同学在不到两年前选择了学习视觉艺术课程。刚开始IB课程的学习时,虽然她在艺术方面很有天赋,但她认为自己缺乏想象力,于是决定选择其他IB课程。在DP1年开学一个月后,她最终决定追随自己原先的兴趣学习IB HL视觉艺术。从那以后,她一直是最好的艺术学生之一,不断挑战自己,走出自己的舒适区,即便她想进入大学之后在动画专业领域发展她也不会放弃尝试各种艺术创造方式的机会。

One characteristic of Elizabeth’s work is the variety of characters she can embody or perform. Inspired by Cindy Sherman, she depicted herself in many different contexts questioning the form of the heroic body through different media. 


Thanks to her hard work, learning animation drawing and her passion in heroic aesthetic, Elizabeth received many offers, including from Art Center College of Design, from California College of the Arts with a merit scholarship of $52 000, from Pratt Institute with $80 000 scholarship and from Savannah College of Arts and Design. 

However, Elizabeth decided to join the School of Visual Arts in New York in the animation field next year. ECNUAS is proud of having her among its students. We wish her the best of luck!